My Dad escaped the rationing of the products…

Dorota, born in 1970s

I remember getting sweets for Christmas and not being allowed to eat them. My mum, who ruled the household, made sure I would not eat them and used them as Christmas tree decoration instead. Many years later, I found out that my dad, in secret from my mum, ate all the sweets and stuffed the wrappers with paper… He basically escaped the rationing of the products…

Dover and the border control

 Artur’s memory, born in 1980s

It was the end of 1990s, I was 16 or 17. My mum and I were traveling to London. I was going to perform in a Polish-English theatre The Imagination in London. I was so excited, but the problems started as soon as we cross the English Channel and got to Dover.

Dover and the border control

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#CaptainTsubasa is back! New series! In #1990s #Poland I was getting up at 5 am to watch it on Polonia1 & then watc… 
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RT @M_STheatreCo:@C3UPA @HenryIV_CCCU Or perhaps when @Kasia_Lech walked in Year 1 first lecture and said “This is my accent...if yo… 

Every Pole knows everything about football, politics, and medicine
Ration cards were introduced by the communist government at different periods of time; the cards did not function as a substitute for money. Products included sugar, meat, and washing powder.
I was very lucky... I was a teacher, so all parents were always bringing me food gifts... Coffee, real chocolate...
Jan’s memory, born in 1930s
For me Christmas will always smell of citrus.
Agnieszka, born in 1980s

Music Facts

As the famous Polish Scientific Publishers PWN Encyclopedia states ‘During the 1980s Poland saw a sharp development of rock music, quite stylistically diverse’. ‘Stylistically diverse’ becomes an understatement if we consider bands like Papa Dance, Republika or Kult…

‘I was going to marry the vocalist out of Papa Dance’, Basia, born in 1980s

Basia, born in 1980

I remember that my parents’ friend had a name-day and they were invited to a party. They took me with them. All adults were in one room and I and the two other girls were playing in the other room. We had a fight over who is going to marry the vocalist out of Papa Dance and two guys out of Modern Talking. I was the youngest, so I got stuck with Dieter out of MT.