Five T review from M. Bicknell & “Thespis”

Bubble Revolution by Silver Merick


This was our first performance of the day.It is a one-woman revolutionary fairy tale about growing up during and after the fall of communism in Poland.

55 years after Berlin Wall divided Europe, 27 years after communism collapsed,

It relates a story of a girl wanting to be Michael Jackson, an adolescent experiencing cheap wine and bad sex it is a story of a woman dreaming about love. Bubble Revolution is the story of Wiktoria who wanted to be called something more exotic like Claudia or Samantha (even without the “th”) and her journey through a magical land filled with memories, colours, scents and sounds of the past. Oh and Nutella! Interspersed with Polish sentences Wiktoria recalls her father’s bedtime stories about launching a “naughty ” Lenin to Mars, ponders about the importance of bubble gum in her life and the excitement felt when finally being able to visit the West (Norway) filling the car with cans of Coca Cola, Sprite and Tonic.It was probably the best show we watched that day.Wiktoria was played by Kasia Lech and performed in English with a Polish accent and a slight touch of Irish. Very poignant performance with an unexpected ending. A must see!!!

M Bicknell

Thespis Rating   5/5

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