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Bubble Revolution by Silver Merick

‘Because us Poles, or Polacks as they call us in the West, us car-thieves, drunks, trouble-makers – that’s all we know. Just do it? Do it! But make sure you are wearing Nike shoes! All we can do is start revolutions.’

J. Holewińska, Bubble Revolution

56 years after the Berlin Wall separated Western and Eastern Europe
41 years after ration stamps for sugar were introduced in Poland
28 years after the fall of communism
25 years after the first Coca-Cola fridge appeared in Polish shops

A one-woman revolutionary fairy-tale about growing up during and after the fall of communism in Poland.

Performed in Polish and English (with a Polish accent and a slight touch of Irish).

It is a story of a child wishing for an unlimited source of Nutella, it is a story of a girl wanting to be Michael Jackson, and a story of a woman dreaming about love. Bubble Revolution is the story of Wiktoria, aka Vica, and her journey through a magical land filled with memories, colours, scents, and sounds of the past. And as Vica learns that the world has promised her too much, her imaginary world is disturbed by the ‘drab monochrome’ reality of capitalism…

The production, created through intercultural collaboration, uses multimedia and elements of immersive theatre to evoke Polish experiences and memories in a way so they resonate with and are shared between Polish and non-Polish audiences. Come and help us to reframe the idea of foreign. There is always a sweet to taste and, in English-language performances, a word or two of Polish to learn.

So far the production was performed in Ireland and the UK: Dublin, Sligo, Canterbury, Edinburgh, and Westport.

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  • Written by Julia Holewińska
  • Translated by Artur Zapałowski
  • Co-created & directed by John Currivan
  • Co-created & performed by Kasia Lech
  • Assisted by Anka Wysota
  • Lighting Design by Josh How (previously by Conor Neville)
  • Screen Projection by Shona Weymes
  • Music & Sound by Konrad Kania
  • Voice Consultation by Janet Morgan
  • Light, Sound & Projection Operation by Josh How
  • Produced by Kasia Lech (previously by Anna Wolf)
  • Graphic Design & Photography by Beata Baryłka
  • Video & Photography by Remi Winiarski (Silver Merick)
  • Publicity Video by Jamie Mepham
  • Website Content by Kasia Lech
  • Website Design by Beata Baryłka

Bubble Revolution is proudly supported by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the School of Music and Performing Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University, Polish Aid Foundation Trust, and Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Canterbury Christ Church University Polish Aid Foundation TrustConsulate General of the Republic of Poland in EdinburghAdam Mickiewicz Institute

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