The Taste of Ersatz Chocolate

Basztowa Chocolate

The taste of ersatz chocolate – a short survey

    • Very sweet and soft mixture of fat
    • Margarine. Sweet, soft, a little bit of vanilla with some dye and a trace amount of cocoa

  • Hard butter with sugar
  • Sweet dyed margarine that is supposed to taste like chocolate, but neither tastes nor looks like chocolate.
  • Since nothing else was available, it was OUR sweet. When you don’t have what you like, you must like what you have.
  • The taste of margarine with the crumbs of wafer and a slight taste of cocoa
  • The taste of my childhood.
  • Cocoa-butter like taste, if you know the taste of real chocolate, you’d know it was a fraud straight away!
  • Fat, grinded card box with the consistency of a chewing gum and the delicate taste of the waste from the cocoa manufacturer
  • The trilling taste of childhood
  • We must differentiate between two kinds of ersatz chocolate. Those sold in the shops and those home-made! The kind available in shops tasted pretty artificial. But at HOME we had mouth watering CHOCOLATE BLOCKS with crushed cookies (or raisins or other delicacies). I tried to make them a year ago, wanting to bring up this unique taste, but despite that the ingredients were similar (milk powder, cocoa, butter instead of margarine, because margarine is yuck), it was not the same…
  • This taste is impossible to recreate and does not exist anymore.
  • I love ersatz chocolate. You could chew it like jelly beans. The taste had nothing in common with cocoa or chocolate. It is, unfortunately, impossible to describe.
  • It was a very strange taste… A little bit similar to peanuts in oil… And the damn thing would never melt in my mouth! You need to work really hard to remove it from your teeth. But it was also the taste of childhood and nice memories.
  • It is really hard to talk about ersatz chocolate in the terms of TASTE!
  •  Margarine sticking to your palate… I always felt cheated…
  • I loved so called ‘block’, its full name was ‘ersatz block’. It had a rough texture and had a calming taste… not too sweet, not too tasteless… you had a feeling you were eating cardboard or plywood… the taste of my childhood… something like halva, but half less sweet and grey rather than gold…
  • I remember the ersatz blocks… They were called ‘Bambo’ from ‘bamboo’ and had an image of a little black boy on them… It was pretty racist, when I think about it now…
  • Those ersatz, chocolate-like, products had also special scent-like aroma… Like a chocolate Santa or an Easter egg after three years of lying in a press…
  • It was an impression that it is almost chocolate and yet not sweet enough and without any cocoa
  • So many bad memories and yet, we were scoffing it with delight… perversity of human nature
  • My mom has never bought it for me.

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