A Fairytale About Power

From top left: King Krak [CRAIC], King Piast [PEEAST], Comrade Secretary Wiesław [VIS-WOV] (Real name – Władysław Gomułka), Comrade Gierek [GEREK] , Lech Wałęsa [LEK VA-WEN-SA], General Jaruzelski [YA-ROO-SELL-SKI]


Far, far away there’s a land called Poland. Its history is full of powerful Polish men and, in general, remains silent about powerful women…

Cracow was built by King Krak;
King Piast took Europe aback
When from a peasant he became a king.
During communism time there was a swing:
No kings, just comrades and the United Workers’ Party’s secretaries.
Comrade Secretary Wiesław was one of the adversaries
Of Jews, democracy, and hitch-hiking.
Comrade Secretary Gierek didn’t like music that rocks,
But we owe him food stamps, huge debts, and high-rise blocks.
Gierek left after Lech Wałęsa with his twenty-inch pen
Signed the Gdańsk Agreement and then
Before long came General Jaruzelski, his glasses, and Martial Law.
This really was the final straw…
Wałęsa became new Poland’s President, firstly elected,
And Poland became to the Western World connected.
Happy Ending
So far is pending…

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