Beata Barylka

Beata Barylka. Photo by Ewelina Wu

Beata loves art, theatre and film. She loves her iMac, good old Nikon and everything vintage. Beata holds Masters Degree from Warsaw University of Technology in Graphic Design and have 10 years of professional experience. Currently Creative Director for Be Different Marketing Ltd.

Beata looked after graphic design and photography of Polish Theatre Ireland’s productions: ’Foreign Bodies’ in 2013, ‘Bubble Revolution’ in 2013 & ‘The Passengers’ in 2015; Theatre Upstairs production of ‘On City Water Hill’ in 2014. Beata works closely with Bewley’s Cafe Theatre since 2014 and looked after the creative side of ‘Importance of Being Honest’, ‘Love and War’, ‘Harry’s Christmas’, ‘Blooming Ulysses’, ‘The Quiet Land’, ‘Happy Prince’, ‘Just Here’, ‘It’s a Wonderful Bleeding Life’, ‘Contractions’, ‘Sure Thing’, ‘Your Own Man – Mad Notions’ and recently ‘The Importance of Being Oscar’.

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