About the Project

Bubble Revolution is a multimedia project that explores new ways of translating theatre and performing translation without the need for searching for cultural equivalence. It also considers the political potential of its new strategies and, in particular, how they impact upon audience’s perception of a foreign culture and a foreign body. The project particularly focuses on the role of a multilingual performer. It considers how a multilingual and transnational actor can facilitate a translation, as well as bridging the divisions and dichotomies between foreign and native, and retranslating stereotypes.
Bubble Revolution bears the title of Polish play Rewolucja Balonowa by Julia Holewińska as its staging is at the heart of the project. Rewolucja Balonowa was written as a manifesto of Poles born in the 1980s: the generation whose world changed practically overnight in 1989 when communism fell and the largest group that emigrated from Poland to the UK and Ireland after Poland joined the EU in May 2004. The play is larded with cultural references rooted in Polish history, politics, society, and culture. Bubble Revolution as a project seeks to translate Rewolucja Balonowa through its innovative use of actor, multilingualism, immersive elements, live and virtual interactions, and storytelling. The project is underpinned by theories borrowed from translation studies (Lawrence Venuti in particular) and sociolinguistics (Alastair Pennycook in particular) and transformed into acting tools.
Currently, the project is in its final stage and focuses on how the actor can pass the role of a translator to a spectator and on the potential of multilingual signing.

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