1. After watching Bubble Revolution last year, my childhood senses were awaken with a very fond childhood memory involving sweets in the 90’s! My aunty lives in Denmark and I remember I used to get super excited whenever she would visit us because she would always bring this aniseed sweets in the shape of an ANT! I remember I used to suck the sweet and then the aniseed liquid would dispose out of the ants behind- ( I used to call it ant wee). It was revoltingly fabulous!!

  2. There are many parts of Bubble Revolution that evoked memories and it made me realise just how similar my childhood was to somebody growing up in Poland at the same time. Things like the constant coverage of the Gulf war and how we utilised empty plastic soft drink bottles. I remember that my older sister and my father would cut empty plastic bottles in half and try, unsuccessfully, to grow something in the bottom half; or when they filled them with water and placed them in the garden in an attempt to keep the local cats out. This was also unsuccessful as I remember having to sidestep plenty of cat crap when been made to cut the grass.

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